Ductless Mini Split Installation In Chilhowie, VA

Complete Comfort specializes in ductless mini split installation in Chilhowie, VA. We have worked in lots of different styles of homes and buildings, installing a variety of HVAC systems, including air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, ductless mini splits, heat pumps, and more.

Ductless mini splits are one of our favorite types of systems to install, and we are starting to see them become more and more popular around the country, including in the Chilhowie, VA area. 

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The Benefits Of Ductless Mini Splits Vs Other HVAC Systems

Ductless mini splits are one of the best pieces of technology to heat and cool a home or commercial space. We see them used as a complete solution to keep a home or business comfortable, and we’ve also seen them used as a supplement to a current HVAC system. 

Ductless Mini Split Installation In Chilhowie, VADuctless Mini Split Advantages

  • Superior Energy Efficiency – Ductless mini splits are more energy efficient than traditional HVAC systems. From the actual operation to the elimination ducts, this system uses less energy than almost every other heating and cooling solution. 
  • Reduced Energy Bills – Because your mini split is consuming less energy, you will also notice that your energy bills are going to be reduced. 
  • Heat & Cool – Ductless mini splits offer both heating and air conditioning. Most traditional HVAC systems only offer one or the other. Mini splits can be used as a year-round solution. 
  • Uses Electricity – Electricity is much more stable than other heating fuel options like gas and oil. If one of their prices skyrockets, that’s going to make your heating VERY expensive. 
  • Better For The Environment – One of the main reasons that heat pumps and ductless mini splits qualify for rebates and tax credits is because of the reduced energy consumption. They are better HVAC systems for the environment, and reducing our carbon footprint. 
  • Don’t Need Ductwork – One of the best things about a DUCTLESS mini splits is that it doesn’t need ductwork! If you have an addition to your home, like a patio or sunroom, with no ductwork, this is perfect. It’s also great for older homes and buildings that don’t have ductwork already built into them. 
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Ductless Mini Split Repair In Chilhowie, VA

Along with installing ductless mini split systems, we also repair ductless mini splits and service them as well. Ductless mini split repair can be tricky, and we recommend you have a professional take a look at your situation before trying to repair it yourself. 

Ductless mini spilts can last for 15-20 years with proper maintenance. You can limit the amount of repairs you may need, and make sure your system lasts as long as it possibly can with regular service. Give us a call at (276) 690-9222 or click here to schedule a ductless mini split repair or service

Ductless Mini Split Service In Chilhowie, VA

Ductless mini splits are just like any HVAC system when it comes to needing service. There are differences in the systems, but all of them should be looked at by a professional once a year to ensure the components are working properly, and the system is running smoothly. 

We believe you should have your ductless mini split serviced at least once a year. Some people prefer to have their checked twice a year, once before the winter and once before the summer. 

By having your system serviced regularly, you will be: 

  • Ensure your ductless mini split is running efficiently
  • Prolonging the life of your ductless mini split
  • Keeping your energy bills down
  • Improving your comfort
  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Getting ahead of potential problems