Furnace Installation In Chilhowie, VA

Furnace Installation In Chilhowie, VAComplete Comfort specializes in furnace installation in Chilhowie, VA. Furnaces are one of the most popular ways to heat a home or business in our area. A furnace can last for up to 20 years after it has been installed, keeping the space warm and comfortable every winter over that timeframe. We aim to make sure you have the right furnace for your home, operating safely and efficiently. 

We don’t just forget about the furnace after it is installed either. We also specialize in servicing and repairing furnaces. Because HVAC systems have such long lifespans, it is important to make sure they are taken care of regularly. This is going to help you get the most years out of your system, and use the least amount of energy during that lifespan. 

The Benefits Of Using A Furnace For Heating

Furnaces are one of the most dependable ways to keep a home warm in the winter. They treat the entire home, using ducts to deliver the heat from your furnace and disperse it throughout your home. Furnaces are a popular option for homes and businesses in our area, and here are a few reasons why: 

Furnace Advantages

  • Dependable Heating – Furnaces are usually one of the most dependable ways to heat your home. Heat pumps and electric heating solutions tend to run into more issues in the winter. In the past, certain heat pumps couldn’t produce enough heat if the temperature outside was too cold. 
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality – Many newer furnaces come with the ability to add a humidification system, air purifiers, and filtration system that improve the indoor air quality of your home. 
  • Fast Heating – Furnaces generate heat quickly, and can heat a space up faster than most heating solutions. 
  • Affordable – Furnaces are one of the most cost-effective heating solutions you can invest in. Their initial upfront cost is moderate compared to other heating and cooling solutions. They also come in high-efficiency models to keep energy costs down.

Furnace Repair In Chilhowie, VA

Along with installing furnaces and heating systems, we also repair furnaces as well. Furnaces work using combustion and burning gas or oil, so we highly recommend hiring a professional to service your furnace. If your furnace has a leak, carbon monoxide or other dangerous, poisonous gasses could be seeping into your home. This is something a professional can ensure isn’t happening. 

Furnaces can last for 15-20 years with proper maintenance. Service ensures that your system is running safely, and also gets ahead of any repairs or breakdowns you may run into. Give us a call at (276) 690-9222 or click here to schedule a furnace repair or service

Furnace Service In Chilhowie, VA

Furnace Service Helps You Save Money And Improve ComfortJust like any HVAC system, you should have your furnace serviced at least once a year. We recommend having your furnace looked at in the fall, just when the weather starts to cool off. 

Furnace service helps you get the most out of your heating system. Instead of feeling like furnace service is an additional cost, you should rest assured knowing it’s actually going to help you save money in the long run.

By having your system serviced regularly, you will be: 

  • Ensure your furnace is running efficiently
  • Prolonging the life of your furnace
  • Keeping your energy bills down
  • Improving your comfort
  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Getting ahead of potential problems
  • Ensuring that your furnace is running safely

Furnaces use gas or oil typically, which combust to create heat. In this process, dangerous gasses like carbon monoxide are produced. During your service, the technician will make sure these gasses are venting properly, and your home is safe. We still highly recommend a carbon monoxide detector for your home. 

Local Spotlight: The Nickerson Snead House

The Nickerson Snead House is open to the public for various events, including historical haunted tours, ParaCons, Metaphysical Conferences, Psychic Readings, craft festivals, murder mystery dinners, ladies’ Victorian high tea, living history, and overnight paranormal investigations.

They also feature an incredible B&B! The Nickerson Snead House is home to many spirits, including Betsy Snead (the woman in blue), a little girl, and a little boy (presumably Josephine and Douglas Mason). This beautiful home is located just off of I-81 exit 29 at 33365 Lee Highway Glade Spring, VA.