Installing A New AC System In Kingsport, TN

Installing A New AC System In Kingsport, TN

Installing A New AC System In Kingsport, TNWe recently installed a new air conditioning system for a business in Kingsport, TN. One of the best compliments we can receive from a customer is when they recommend us to their friends and family. That was the case with this project, which we were happy to be a part of. 

We had recently been out to a home to replace an old AC unit for a homeowner. They were so pleased with their estimate and consultation, that they decided to recommend us to her boyfriend, Timothy. He has a business in Kingsport, TN, and their supply warehouse was in need of a new cooling system. 

One of our HVAC experts. Nate, went and visited Timothy’s business to see what would be the best solution to keep the warehouse cool and comfortable. When he arrived he saw that this warehouse was used to store ammunition. It’s VERY important for ammunition to be properly stored, for safety reasons, and for longevity. Extreme highs and lows in temperature are not good for storing ammunition, so the proper AC system for this warehouse was crucial for more than just feeling comfortable.

Installing A Trane HVAC System

This business owner decided to go with a 4 ton Trane RunTru AC System. These systems are reliable, and energy efficient. The AC system is going to have to run all day and night during the summer to keep the warehouse temperature regulated. It’s important that they have a system that isn’t going to break down, and won’t use up too much energy in the process. The last thing Timothy wants is to incur new costs for the business, so keeping the energy bills down is important. 

The old AC system just wasn’t getting the job done anymore, and it was becoming uncomfortable to work in the warehouse, moving boxes of heavy materials. Now with the new Trane system, the space is cool consistently. 

Why Do Warehouses Need To Be Cool?

This Air Handler Distributes Air Throughout The WarehouseThe last thing any business owner wants to do is spend money unnecessarily. In some cases, you may be able to get away with not cooling a storage space, depending on what was being stored there. In lots of cases with businesses that have a warehouse, there are materials that you don’t want to expose to extreme heat or cold. 

This project is a perfect example of that. This business is a munitions supply warehouse. The materials in this warehouse shouldn’t be exposed to very hot or cold extremes. This is the case for LOTS of different businesses, especially ones that have raw materials on hand. 

For example, if you are storing building materials like wood and metals, you will want them to be properly stored so heat and cold can’t cause them to warp and change. So not only is it important to make sure that the employees are comfortable, but it’s also important to make sure you are protecting whatever is being stored. 

Installing The New Trane Air Conditioner

Timothy decided the day we gave him the estimate to go with our suggestion. We were out the following week and had the system installed in a single day. Whenever we can finish a project in a single day we are always happy about that, and the customer usually is too.

He decided to finance the system after seeing some of the amazing financing options available. The estimated payment is around $127 per month for the new air conditioning system. If he wants to pay it off quicker he can, but he was very pleased with such a reasonable price. 

Now the warehouse is cool, and his girlfriend gets some bragging rights for helping him take care of his HVAC problems at work! 

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