Is It Cheaper To Run An Old AC Or Install A New One?

Is It Cheaper To Run An Old AC Or Install A New One?

Is It Cheaper To Run An Old AC Or Install A New One?

Is It Cheaper To Run An Old AC Or Install A New One?Air conditioning is one of the essential systems of your home that help you stay comfortable in the Summer. Almost everyone loves to have that AC blasting when they walk in the door from a hot day. The thing people hate about their air conditioners are the costs associated with them. I know when I was growing up, my dad waited until the very last second to turn the AC on, so he could avoid those large energy bills that come along with running the AC. It leads us to the question: Is it cheaper to run an old AC or install a new one? 

I have been installing and repairing air conditioners in the area for years, from Emory to Marion, and have seen it all. From systems that haven’t had service in countless Summers, to beautiful well kept ACs that last for 20 years. In some cases, it makes sense to run the old AC, while in others, it could have actually been costing the homeowners more in the long run. 

In this article, I’ll go over a little more about how an old AC could be costing you money, and what you should look for to make a decision about installing a new system. If you want to speak to an air conditioning expert right away, give us a call at (276) 690-9222, or contact us online! 

How Is Your Old AC Costing You Money? 

There are certain cases where an air conditioning system works, but is subtly costing you money. In some situations, it’s obvious that the old AC is putting a dent in your wallet, and in others it may not be so evident. 

Frequent Repairs 

This is one of the obvious reasons. If your air conditioner is in need of repairs, it is clearly costing you money. It is inevitable that your AC is going to run into some issue over the decade plus lifespan it has, but if it’s happening often, it’s a clear sign this AC is costing you more than it should, and it needs to be replaced. 

If the repair is inexpensive, go for it. As long as the system is running well after the repair is performed, you should be in good shape. If the repair is very expensive, it’s a good time to consider an AC replacement. 

Your Energy Bills Are Very High

If your energy bills are soaring through the roof, it’s a sign your AC may not be running as efficiently as it should be. Every summer when you turn the air conditioning on, the energy bills are going to rise. But, if they are rising more than in the past, it could be an issue with your system. 

We recommend comparing your energy bills to last year’s, and to your energy efficient neighbors’. Lots of energy providers will give you data and statistics about your energy use compared to others, and to your own usage in the past. If you notice that you are using more than you think you should be, it could mean problems with your AC. 

We recommend asking a professional to assess the air conditioner, and let you know if this is what is causing the increased energy consumption. This is a clear case of the old AC costing you more than it should. 

Your AC Uses Freon

If your air conditioner uses Freon (R-22), it could mean that this older AC is going to cost you a few extra dollars. Freon is a refrigerant used in older AC systems. This gas is harmful to the environment, and in 2020, the U.S. halted production and importation of the substance. Now, if you have an older AC that needs a Freon recharge, it’s going to be VERY expensive. 


Today, no AC systems installed are going to use Freon. Most of them use cleaner, more efficient material, notably Puron. This does less damage to the ozone, and also does a better job of providing cooling. 

Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner? 

So if you are experiencing issues with your AC, or you feel that the old system is costing you more than it should, the question of replacing your AC arises. A few things I would consider: 

Is Your AC 10+ Years Old?

If your AC is having issues, and it’s 10+ years old, you are close to having to replace it anyway. Sinking money into repairs, especially expensive ones, is just putting off the inevitable replacement. 

Is Your AC Cooling The Home? 

If your AC isn’t cooling the home properly, have an HVAC technician come out and take a look at your system. You may be in need of service, or an adjustment to your ductwork. You could also just be at the end of the system’s life and need to find a replacement. 

Benefits Of A New AC

An Old AC Could Be Costing You MoneyIf you notice these issues with your cooling system, and decide it’s time to make the upgrade to a new air conditioner, it comes along with more than just a cooler home. 

  • Lower energy bills
  • 10+ year long lifespan
  • Increased comfort
  • WAY fewer repairs needed
  • A new warranty 
  • Rebates and tax credits to curb the costs 
  • Better indoor air quality 

If you factor in the savings on energy bills, potential rebates and tax credits available for high efficiency HVAC equipment, and the savings from no repairs being needed, sometimes a new AC is the more cost effective option. Especially if you are going to have to replace your air conditioner in the next few years anyway. If you run the old AC into the ground, it could cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars more than it would if you made the switch now. 

If you are looking for help with a new air conditioner, just let us know! Complete Comfort has been working in the area for years, servicing, repairing, and installing air conditioners. We can assess your system, and let you know what the best options are to keep your home comfortable all year long! 

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