Average Mini Split Installation Cost In Chilhowie, VA?

Average Mini Split Installation Cost In Chilhowie, VA?

Average Mini Split Installation Cost In Chilhowie, VA?The cost to install a ductless mini split system, in Chilhowie, VA, can greatly vary. A mini split cost typically ranges from $4,000 to $16,500+.

As you can see this is a wide price range, and there are a few different factors that play a role in the cost. For one, the price can drastically change based on the type of system—single room or single zone mini split, multi-zone mini split system costs, and so forth. What brand are you installing? What level of energy efficiency does it have?

So, what should you expect to pay? And, how can you save on your mini-split installation cost?

How Does A Mini Split Work?

To understand the cost of a mini split, it’s nice to know how it operates. A mini-split system or a ductless mini-split system operates similarly to a traditional HVAC system. The compressor and condenser, the external components of the system, transfer heat through the refrigerant lines to the air-handling unit inside your home.

How Ductless Air Conditioning WorksThis unit disperses the heated or cooled air into the designated zones controlled by a thermostat. The conduits that carry the refrigerant lines, power cable, suction tubing, and condensate drain are hidden in some line set that runs along the wall, offering an aesthetically pleasing solution compared to traditional duct systems.

Single-room systems usually have one condenser unit outside linked to one indoor unit, while a multi-zone mini-split system connects multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit. A single outdoor unit can usually handle between 4-8 inside units.

This heat transfer process leads to increased energy efficiency. Not needing ductwork is also a benefit. Ducts can cost a lot to install, and installing them can be messy and time-consuming.

DIY Vs. Professional Mini Mini Split Installation

Lots of homeowners like to give DIY projects a try, and in lots of cases that’s a fun, cost-saving idea. When it comes to installing any HVAC system, we highly recommend leaving it to the professionals. Any HVAC system, especially a ductless mini split system, is a big investment. The last thing you want is a faulty installation that leads to your system not working properly, or dying prematurely.

It’s important to note that installing a mini-split system requires special tools and expertise. While a DIY project might seem cost-effective, it may lead to improper installation and costly repairs down the line. It’s recommended to rely on HVAC technicians for a thorough and efficient job. Furthermore, professionals are more experienced in handling electrical outlets and other mini-split installation questions.

Mini Split Components

The cost of installing a mini split in a Chilhowie, VA home depends on various factors, including the HVAC system’s unit size, type, efficiency, and brand.

Components such as the condensate removal pump, condenser stand, drain pan heater, wall mount bracket, and the location of installation (wall-mounted unit, ceiling, or floor-mounted unit) are other factors that determine the cost. This is something that your technician should go over with you when you are deciding what system you want for your home.

Heat Pump

A Ductless Mini Split Uses A Small Sleek CondenserThe heat pump, also known as the condenser unit, is the outdoor unit of the mini split system. It’s the system’s engine, controlling the refrigerant flow to the indoor units. This is the component that takes in the air from the outside, and extracts the heat. It also dispells hot air in the summer.

Air Handlers

The air-handling unit, also known as the indoor unit, comes in various models, including wall-mounted, floor-mounted, and ceiling cassette.


The wall-mounted unit is the most popular type of air handler due to its low cost and ease of installation. This hangs up on the wall, out of the way, and disperses conditioned air evenly.


The floor-mounted unit is another option, preferred for its quiet operation and ability to evenly distribute conditioned air. These can work in certain spaces, and are good if you don’t want the system hanging on the wall.

Recessed Ceiling Cassette

The ceiling cassette model is installed into the ceiling, and it provides 360-degree airflow, cooling or heating the room evenly. This looks like a vent, just placed in the ceiling.


The linesets are a combination of refrigerant lines and conduits. They connect the outdoor and indoor units, carrying refrigerant and power to the air handlers. They usually run along the side of your home, and can be colored to fit the right aesthetic.

Important Factors Affecting Mini Split Cost

The cost of a mini-split system in Chilhowie, VA, is influenced by several factors, including the size of the space you are trying to comfort, what brand you are choosing, and how energy efficient the system you choose is.

If you have a larger space, you are going to need more than one zone. If you are using the ductless system as a supplement to a current HVAC system, you may only need one zone. If you choose a highly efficient unit, it will be more expensive, but also will keep energy costs lower for the next 10-20 years. As you can see, it’s not a “one cost fits all” solution.

Single Zone Vs. Multi-Zone

As we’ve mentioned, a single zone system is going to be cheaper than a multi-zone system. The more units you need, the more it will cost. There are instances where you can keep your current HVAC system, and install a single zone to fix a problem room or an addition.

Zoned HVAC Systems Save Energy And Improve Comfort

A Single zone ductless mini split usually starts around $4000, and can go up to $7000 depending on the unit. For a multizone system, it usually starts around $8000, and goes up from there.

Square Footage

The square footage of your house or rooms can affect the cost. Larger spaces require more powerful systems, thus increasing costs.

For example, in rooms with very high ceilings, you are going to need a more powerful system to fill the space. If you have rooms with low ceilings, you won’t need as powerful of a mini split.

Cooling Only Vs. Heating

If you’re looking for a mini split air conditioner, the cost may be different from a system that also offers heating. There are different models that offer just cooling, and other that offer BOTH heating and cooling.

Even though the ones that heat are more expensive, we find that it helps to control energy bills year round, and it also frees you up from having to install a heating system as well.

Energy Efficiency

Units with higher SEER ratings, indicating higher efficiency, might be more expensive initially but can offer savings over time due to lower energy consumption. Most people only think about the installation cost of a new HVAC system, but don’t think about the cost of running it.

You are going to have your new HVAC system for the next 10-20 years after installation. If that system ends up saving you $75 a month during the cooling season, and let’s say you have your system for 15 years:

4 months of the year for cooling, at $75 a month means $300 a year.

If you have the system for 15 years, that’s a savings of $4,500 over the lifespan of the system. Obviously there are other factors that come into play, but you can easily see how operating costs can be cut significantly when you have the more energy efficient heating and cooling system.

How to Reduce Your Ductless Mini Split Installation Cost

You can reduce your ductless mini split installation cost by considering factors like the number of zones, time of year, manufacturer rebates, and federal and local incentives.

Number of Zones

Selecting a system with the correct number of zones can ensure efficient operation and avoid overspending on unnecessary capabilities. Your HVAC technician should be able to design your system so each zone is comfortable, and you don’t overcompensate and install an unnecessary unit.

Manufacturer Rebates

Keep an eye out for manufacturer rebates, which can help lower the cost of your system. Many manufacturers will offer rebates for newer, high efficiency HVAC equipment. The experts at Complete Comfort can help you find the right rebates for your new HVAC system.

Federal and Local Incentives

Various federal and local incentives, including tax credits and rebates, are available for energy-efficient systems, which can help offset installation costs. The Inflation Reduction Act offers tax credits up to $2000 for high efficiency heat pumps, and $600 for ACs and furnaces with the proper ratings.
Once again, the experts at Complete Comfort can help you sort through what systems qualify for what rebates and tax credits there are available.

What to Ask Before A Mini Split Installation

Ductless Mini Splits Are Hung Out Of The WayBefore your mini split installation, be prepared to ask your HVAC company various questions. Topics should include costs, permits, warranties, and other relevant considerations.

If you want a specific kind of system, make sure they know. A trusted HVAC contractor is going to offer you their recommendations, but they should make sure they are addressing your needs. If you want zoning in your home, let them know. If you have bedrooms that never get cool in the summer, it’s something you should address before they make a recommendation.

If you contractor struggles to explain their recommendations, or can’t answer your questions, it’s time to find a new HVAC contractor.


Here are some of the most common questions we get when it comes to installing a new ductless mini split.

What is the labor cost to install a mini split?

Labor costs can range from $500 to $4000, depending on factors such as unit size, complexity of the installation, and the HVAC company’s pricing.

Why do mini split systems cost so much to install?

The cost reflects factors such as the quality of the system, the difficulty of installation, and the number of zones being served. These systems are state of the art, high efficiency technology, and last for years. It means you are going to pay more up front, but less over the life of the system.

Do mini splits devalue a house?

Actually, mini splits can potentially increase a home’s value due to their energy efficiency and room-specific temperature adjustment capabilities. Even though you pay a lot for them up front, you see that ROI in energy savings, and increased property value.

While the cost of installing a mini-split system in Chilhowie, VA, might initially seem high, it’s an investment that pays off in the long run, thanks to energy savings and improved comfort. As a homeowner, making an informed decision on the right system for your needs, and understanding the factors that contribute to the overall cost, can go a long way in ensuring a satisfying and worthwhile installation experience. Give us a call at (276) 690-9222 or click here to contact us online!

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