The Price Of AC Rising In 2023 - 2024

The Price Of AC Rising In 2023 – 2024

In the past few years, especially with the supply chain issues caused by the pandemic, we see the prices of air conditioners and heating systems rise. Unfortunately, we are expecting the price of air conditioners to rise again in 2023-2024. 


We have been quoting and installing air conditioning systems all summer long, and something we are hearing from our suppliers is that they expect the prices to rise by 25-50% next year. Trane, one of our favorite brands, announced in May their commercial prices were rising from 4-6%. We feel that it’s our responsibility to let our customers and community know now, so they are not shocked next year when the increase in prices happens.

Why Are Prices Rising?

Prices rising isn’t anything new. As time passes, the price on every product and service generally increases. The issue is that it geneally doesn’t increase in such a steep manner. There are a few different reasons that the price of air conditioners is predicted to rise so much in the following year: 

  • New DOE Efficiency Requirements 

  • New Construction Guidelines

  • Increasing Cost Of Materials

New DOE Efficiency Requirements 

As a part of an effort to make our country more energy efficient, and reduce our carbon footprint, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) has raised the efficiency standard for new AC systems for the first time since 2015. For our area in Virginia, we are considered the southern region, which has a different set standard that the northern states. 


It is required that all new AC systems have a SEER2 rating of 14.3 minimum or SEER rating of 15 minimum if the system is less that 45 kBtuhs. If the system is between 45-65 kBtuhs, then the minimum rating is 13.8 SEER2 or 14.5 SEER. The point truly is, the more efficient an AC system is, the more it will cost. If the minimum efficiency rating standard is increasing, it means the minimum price that can be paid for an AC system is also increasing. 

New Construction Guidelines

Along with the requirements for new AC replacements, it also comes with requirements for new construction. Any new construction that has HVAC included, which most new construction does, also have to meet these requirements. This brings the cost of new homes and commercial spaces up, but also keeps the AC prices high as well. 

Increasing Cost of Materials

HVAC systems are complex and require high-quality parts and components. Most of these are made from different types of metals, electrical components, plastics, etc. All of these materials are continuing to rise in price. Even though the supply chain has mostly caught up since the pandemic, we are still seeing spikes in different costs of material.

The combination of new requirements, inflation, and the costs of materials are driving the price of AC up.

Saving Money When You Install A New AC

We do have some options for you to keep your costs as low as possible for a new AC, without sacrificing comfort.

  • Rebates and Tax Credits

  • Energy Savings

  • Installing Before Prices Rise

Rebates and Tax Credits

The Prices Of AC In The US Are Rising

Through the Inflation Reduction Act, there are now tax credits up to $2000 for a new heat pump, and up to $600 for a new AC system available. Depending on the efficiency of your new AC system, rebates may be available as well. For example, in Virginia, Dominion Energy offers up to $500 in rebates for a new central AC system or heat pump that meets the Energy Star Qualifications. 


We recommend checking with your energy supplier to see if there are rebates available for an HVAC upgrade, or just ask the experts at Complete Comfort and we can help you get pointed in the direction of the best AC with the most savings available. 

Energy Savings

You have to consider that when you install a new high efficiency air conditioning system, you are also going to start using less energy to cool your home or business. Even though the initial cost is higher than a less efficient system, the amount of money you spend on energy is going to be less, over a long period of time. Your new AC should last for 10-20 years, and could be saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars every summer depending on the size of your space. When you cost this out over the lifespan of your AC system, it’s going to equal huge savings on energy bills. 

Installing Before Prices Rise

We have been encouraging people to install a new AC system now, before the prices take a sharp rise next year. When you think about it, if you are in need of a new AC system now, it’s only going to become a growing need as time goes on. Unless Benjamin Button installed your air conditioner, it won’t be getting any younger. 


We recommend that you install a new AC system as soon as possible. If you install an air conditioner now, you will be doing a few things: 


  • Purchasing the system before prices rise

  • Installing a new, more efficient system that will reduce energy bills

  • Improving your home comfort for the rest of the season 


You will take care of your problem right away, and save the most money possible. We can help you choose the right system for your home, find the right rebates and tax credits, and also help with financing.

If you live in Chilhowie, VA, or the surrounding areas and you know it’s time to make the replacement, give us a call at (276) 690-9222 or click here to schedule a free AC consultation.

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